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Will You Marry Me

by Rachael Kilgour

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Snowplow 04:59
The winter comes and the winter goes and the winter comes again Broken snowy angels only pray for winter's end Shoveling out the driveway thinking, what'll we do now? Well look out girls, here comes the snowplow Look out girls here comes the snowplow Well the winter wind likes sneaking through our drafty old windows And the heat bill keeps on rising, where she'll stop nobody knows We've got a house and a car and family, we made all our dreams come true But now the jobs are gone and our mortgage is overdue CHORUS: So take me snowplow Cause I don't know how I'm ever gonna dig myself out of this one Snowplow, get up and go now I'm sick of crying on your shoulder And it keeps on getting colder Nine months from retirement but they had to let you go Escorted through the hallways like a crook who stole the show You can go to school and fill out applications left and right But it won't save you from the windchill's icy bite When your car won't start and the next job's out of sight CHORUS The money comes and the money goes and now the money is gone again We save our shiny pennies and cut back on what we can Now it's piling up around us, we're all buried in debt But isn't that what it means to be an American? We've still got all we need but it feels like it's the end? Now we're all feeling down and low over money, over snow But when there's no cash left we've got the ones we know and love FINAL CHORUS: My dear snowplow i think I know now Just how I'm gonna dig myself out of this one Snowplow, get up and go now I'm sick of crying on your shoulder Now I am ready to start over
I've been all around the world And never once have I seen pretty Like the dark haired brown-eyed beauty That you turned out to be And sweetheart when we're together I know things could not be better With a tall strong headed woman That's where I want to be So will you marry me? And we'll start a family I'll catch you when you fall You're my favorite after all dear Now a million kisses later We've got children all around us And though life and love surround us Still there's bills we've gotta pay I know that you are worried And i know you're in a hurry But children ain't your mother purty when she smiles? Will you marry me? And we'll have a family I'll catch you when you fall you're my favorite after all dear Let's go waltzing let's grab a malt and two straws And we'll make it through I promise you After more than sixty years You're still the one that I believe in Our family's strong and we're the reason Look at all that we've become I know that you're afraid but look around I'm right beside you In their smiles and in their eyes You know I'd never leave So will you marry me? Just look at our family They'll catch you when you fall You're our favorite after all dear
Dirty Girl 02:54
You say you'd rather a song than a note twice as long Whether you're right or wrong You'll get your way, you always do We'll give it to you any day It still always hurts, though I try and let go Are you a friend or foe? I really don't care Either way you'll explain it away And we'll be right back where we started CHORUS: But I'm not watching anymore I'm not watching anymore I don't care what you do it for Cause I'm not watching anymore Now I've been lonely and I've been down But you've been around You've been around the block once or twice You clean up nice but you're a Dirty girl, a dirty girl, you dirty girl CHORUS You say you'd rather a song, well here's your very last one See when I'm in love with someone There's no room for anybody else Not even you Will still be friends only thing new is You can screw up all you want to CHORUS
I've got my head on what the bible said I let the bible set me free and you've got your heart in the devil's hands and in your pagan misery And don't it feel lonely to know you'll never be holy We've got room enough only for the ones who don't ask tough questions CHORUS: No matter what I do He'll love me Whatever I say He'll save me As long as I pray I know I'll get my way When it comes the judgement day It's not hard, it's easy I don't have to be nice, I know he forgives me Jesus Christ, who do you think you are? Telling me I've gone too far I earned this life I climbed to corporate heights Working and living by His word A three-car garage and my weekly massage I only take what I deserve But see the mothers on welfare? Think I should pay for their healthcare? Don't you think I know better than to hand out rewards to sinners CHORUS Don't you know that I'm a Christian? Can't you see that I'm a Christian? When you die you'll all be wishin' You'd been a God-fearin' Christian She's going to hell another fetus killed The Lord's commandments say it's true But God bless my son as he aims his gun at the cursed Afghani fool A husband and a father with a loving wife and daughter But soldiers never falter When defending their God and Country CHORUS Don't you know that I'm a Christian? Can't you see that I'm a Christian? When you die you'll all be wishin' YOu'd been a God-fearin' Christian
You think you want to get married, get married You say you're ready for babies, sweet babies And your love will last for eternity, eternity... Well, it won't Probably not I can't promise a lot The statistics say, that unless you're gay Happy marriages rarely stay that way In a year or six you'll fight the way your parents did You'll wake the neighbors, you'll scare yourselves you'll scare the kids You thought it'd be easy but all he does just drives you crazy So pull it apart No more talks from the heart You're both on your own in a family home Secret texts to your lover on the telephone And then you'll think you want a divorce, sweet divorce You'll say you're ready for court, oh for family court You'll fight to the death for the children and the furniture and then In the end You're darling children Will be grown adults working all this out With the therapist they can't live without How many dreams have you had about a big white dress? THe prince and princess make their way through the crowd How many fairy tale endings have you read before bed? And how do you dance in your head as he spins you around? And so I hope you're ready to marry, to marry And i hope for the sake of the babies, sweet babies You'll learn to walk on your own two feet before you leap Try living together For a year or two Maybe three or four Before you go and get married
Galalee 04:19
Late nights, moving slow Crying "Daddy, Daddy please don't go!" But you don't hear it You don't hear a thing How many women, how many girls Make it through this world Now they rule the world without you It's not easy without you CHORUS: She'll be fine, she'll be great Don't you worry 'bout her cause you're too late How much time until you finally see? When she angry, when she's scared You're supposed to care You're supposed to be there You keep pretending you'll be there When she's anxious and when she's tired You call her a liar, well don't you see The fires they are burning? With all the lessons she's learning CHORUS: She'll be fine, she'll be great Don't you worry 'bout her cause you're too late How much time until you finally see Galalee? She knows your limits and she knows her truth There's a power to love and there's a power to getting through it And the truth can be ruthless For a while you'll forget, but pretty soon you'll regret And you won't have a clue You'll be calling her up and she won't have time for you CHORUS: She'll be fine, she'll be great Don't you worry 'bout her cause you're too late How much time until you finally see Galalee? Galalee...
I Do 03:31
Why would you wanna hide? I'll tell you, you're the prettiest thing I've seen This side of my dreams And I could make you lose your mind Like a thousand times before And still leave you want more CHORUS: Even if it's nothing new I'm still me, you're still you But when you do what you do, what you do Even if it's all the same You still drive me insane What we've given we've gained You think I don't watch your every move? Well babe I guess that's true I've learned to expect you Wake up next to your sleepy face Pillow lines on your cheeks It's the only place for me CHORUS Ohhhh.... You think we'll last till we're old and grey? Well, I do, I do You think we'll make it through Monday? Well, I do, I do You think we'll last till we're old and grey...
Do you know the way to your Daddy's heart from here? He's made it hard now, the path it ain't too clear Well suck it up, be a man, wanna live your life in fear? You've got two fists and you won't be missed if you disappear CHORUS: So paint the sky red and gold Cause there is nothing left for you to hold onto All for one and all alone Where will you go? Did he pull her hair and bring her to the ground? Would she fight back, did she make a sound? And when it was over and done would she always come back around? Back for more, 'til she hits the floor that brings her down CHORUS And of course there are no resources for a lost boy on his own cause We couldn't help him as a baby, how could we help him now, he's lazy And he thinks he's right and he thinks a fight is gonna give him all he needs Oh but who's to blame, who's to blame for the boys playing the warrior games Who's to blame, who's to blame for the boys playing the warrior games? All that you learned from your Ma and Pa is gonna pave your way Your future's looking bright as a dark and cloudy day And you'll know just how to love how to make her want to stay Give her a kiss and start throwing fists it's the only way CHORUS
We can't always both be right we sometimes disagree But you've got the right to speak your mind and it's the same with me When the anger's at an end and you want inside my arms again All you've got to do to make it right is just CHORUS: Touch your woman, touch your woman Everything's gonna be alright Touch your woman, touch your woman Let me know, let me know everything's alright There are times when I should be strong When I'm awfully week When the sudden blows of life have brought me to my knees A woman needs a helping hand, needs someone to understand Needs the one she loves to help her stand, so CHORUS And when the busy day is done and you lie by my side You know exactly what it takes to keep me satisfied You know exactly what I need and I always fall asleep in peace Thanking god that you belong to me
Another day passes by A brand new day, same old lie I'm just waiting 'til it fits Maybe tomorrow I will make it But you know I won't you know I won't You know I won't make a move It's in my blood, it's in my heart Don't you dare give up But don't try too hard Well I know that I'm good And you can see all that I could be But you know I won't you know I won't You know I won't make a move But who wants to be the grandma who Could have been, should have been a star? There's no use in being scared Just follow through, climb the stairs Maybe then I will see Right at the top that's where I'll be I know I will, I know I will I know I will, I know I will I know I will make my move


“Will You Marry Me?” was released January, 2011 and recorded in Minneapolis at the Humans Win! studio. She was accompanied by brothers Jake and Jeremy Hanson (guitarist for Mason Jennings and drummer for Tapes 'n Tapes) and by her wife on harmony vocals.

“Yes, the album is sweet, but it is also political,” Kilgour explains. “The title was taken from the song I wrote in honor of my grandparent’s 60 year marriage. I thought it was an especially fitting title considering my own current situation as a lesbian, denied the right of legal marriage. My life right now, and for the next 60 years or so, is about walking alongside someone else and taking on what we encounter together. Looking at it that way, I guess every song I write is a love song.”


released January 1, 2011

Rachael Kilgour - vocals and guitar
Jeremy Hanson - drums
Jake Hanson - bass and electric guitar
Adeline Wright - backup vocals


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Rachael Kilgour Minnesota


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